Easy Definition Of Dry Erase Markers

We have all used dry erase markers before; The first time it passes through it looks like the enchantment, a marker that is erased like a pencil! Even better, you do not need a useful draft. If you have to erase in a hurry, it will be a cloth, a paper wash or even your hand after we have exhausted all other options. How great is that? We have all used dry erase markers several times, however, curiosity has disappeared. However, it remains a reliable investigation into our psyche; What is precisely in a dry erase marker?


The dry erase markers and tables ended in the mid-1990s, and became an option for the pale and confusing whiteboards we used for more than a hundred years. Dry erase markers are superior to chalk in several ways; water does not affect them, we can connect I erase them to a table with less weight more effectively than chalk.

Dry erase I made markers for non-permeable surfaces, which is why they work admirably in mirrors, metals and glass. The ink on the dry erase markers bulk is the same as the ink on the indelible markers and can recolor the permeable surfaces if care is not taken. I make the shading colors ink, a dissolvable substance and a polymer or discharge operator. The distinction between the dry erase markers and the last markers is the polymer used. Indelible markers use a dyed polymer that causes the shadow to adhere to surfaces, while dry erase markers use an elegant coat polymer.

The coat polymer causes the marker ink to be erased to dispose of it and prevents the color of the marker from coming into direct approach with the arising. This is the reason dry erase I can remove markers from non-permeable comes up with such efficiency. The solution in the marker (usually a liquor) allows the ink to dry rapidly, which connects the ink to the surface, does not maintain it. Dry ink is very easy to remove, since I installed the ink.

Dry erase I have used boards for a long time because they have a negligible static charge, which promotes the adherence of color to the surface. The main trouble with common slates is that they can grab a part of the shadow, which causes a phantom or vein to deal with many uses. Nowadays, many people have glass boards, which are tempered to get additional quality. The glass works very well with dry erase markers, since it is a non-permeable surface, I can paint it in any shading or make it clear for a more current look and it never appears again or gets ghost on the markers.